A whimsical purveyor of scent alchemy infused into plant-based, individually-crafted salves, quaint art soaps & other topical body care for folks with sensitivities and ailments


Ethical, local & sustainable sourcing
Raw, food-grade & organic ingredients
NO Preservatives, harsh chemicals or other nonsense

For info on salve, balm and/or deodorant refills, look here

"Petrichorum" is the realm in which the Wandering Apothecary abides- the Petrichor Arboretum.

Whimsical Wonderful Wares

Consider keeping a tin of the The Wanderer's All-Purpose Salve in your bag to keep your skin healthy during your adventures! This thick, creamy and heavy-duty body butter tackles discomfort and damage from eczema/psoriasis/rosacea patches, bug bites, burns, cracking dry skin, scar tissue, irritated/healing/dry tattoos, and many others. It doesn’t take much, and soothes inflammation almost instantly!
Base: Raw, organic & unrefined African Shea butter
Supporting oils: Organic & unrefined olive, avocado, jojoba & evening primrose
🌿Another excellent addition for a seasoned traveller, the Green Man's Balm is surprisingly versatile- not only does it help restore nutrients to dry and splitting hairs (beard or otherwise!), it also functions marvellously as an after-sun balm (when you've had too much exposure) and as relief for chafing in delicate areas.Base: Raw, organic & unrefined African Shea butter + cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil
Supporting ingredients: Organic & unrefined olive, avocado, hemp seed, argan & tamanu oils, organic cocoa butter
🫧Keep on washing your hands! 👏 If you aren't as often as you would like because of how dry it makes your skin, lather up with some usable art: Carnival Soaps are vegetable glycerin that has been shaped into all manner of fancy shapes to give that little extra accent to your washroom! Made with no preservatives and infused with raw, unrefined, food-grade butters and oils, only the good stuff will be rubbed into your skin when you decide the time is finally right to use it.Base: Vegetable glycerin (for holding fun shapes!)
Supporting Ingredients (vary by soap type): Organic & unrefined Shea, cocoa & mango butters, organic & unrefined olive, avocado, jojoba, coconut, flax, hemp, tamanu, argan & evening primrose oils, organic coconut milk powder, organic wormwood extract, organic activated charcoal
🪴If your own stank has you down in the pits, slather this special mud on yours - no, really! Try a pot of the Wanderer's Mud; more commonly recognised as deodorant, a pea-sized dollop rubbed under each arm will help wick moisture accumulation and mute body odour, without actually clogging your pores to do so. Choose from the Scent Library to accent it with- or reach out on social media to build your own palette- and let the mud do the rest, whether you are a professional cosplayer at a convention in Texas during the summer, or a renaissance faire performer out in the sun for several weekends in a row, or a general contractor working in rain, sleet or shine.
If those examples seem specific...well, they are!
Cheers for your awesome feedback, sweet creatures 💛
Base: Raw, organic African Shea butter & organic, cold-pressed coconut oil
Supporting ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed tamanu oil, organic, food-grade cocoa powder

A Bit on Wisp's Ethics

Everything is handmade individually by one pair of loving hands, meaning nothing is ever produced in large batches and every ingredient is customisable. I do this because, even though it takes a bit more time and effort, I know how unique everyone's body is and I want to be able to offer something to all sorts of folks, from all walks of life.♻️
Salve + balm tins and deodorant pots are fully recyclable and reusable (or you can mail me back your empty vessel and I will refill it - more on that here), and soaps are wrapped in a combination of banana leaves and upcycled kraft paper, which can be composted or recycled and will fully biodegrade. Even the poly mailers used for shipping online orders are made out of compostable material, and can be reused.
I want to reconnect people with the ability to appreciate beautiful things, while acknowledging they will be gone one day. Modern society seems at once obsessed with preservation and instant gratification simultaneously— nothing is cherished because everything can be replaced, yet if replacement is not guaranteed things are hoarded until their original purpose has passed.Drink that special tea before it goes stale. Use that fancy soap before it gets old.
Love what you have while you have it, and for what it is.

Thank you so much for pursuing this avenue!


The Apothecary deals in the temporary. Everything will one day be used down to nothing- and what won't, can be reused many, many times!For transparency, I do not profit from offering this service- in fact, I actually lose money in the process.
You may be wondering: why would I bother? The answer is twofold:

"When the last tree has fallen
And the rivers are poison
You cannot eat money."

I care more about my impact- and the impact of my patrons- than an imaginary number that changes with the day. In the end, money is the most temporary thing I deal with.
What MATTERS is how we conduct ourselves in this reality- with care and consciousness.

"There will come a time when you will be made to choose
between what is right
and what is easy."
- Dumbledore

I am not here to "climb the ladder".
I am here to help people heal. That is the reason I opened the Apothecary.
If you would like to stand with me in this mission,

Here's how you can take part:


1. Reach out to the Wisp via the Contact form or social media (Instagram/Facebook) and say you are interested in a refill. Please notate the following:
1. How many vessels and of what type (balm/salve, deodorant) you would like refilled
2. If you plan to use a box or a poly mailer (this is necessary to generate the label)
2. You will be provided a shipping label to print for mailing your empty vessel back to the Apothecary, and a discount code for your next order - which must, of course, contain the refill of your choosing. It can be the same scent, another chosen from the Scent Library, none at all, or one entirely of your own making using notes from the Library's array of choices!⚠️
Open mailers from Petrichorum carefully, using the perforation at the top! They are made of biodegradable material and have two seals, meaning they are resealable. If you use the mailer sent to you for mailing back your empty pot or tin, it will be composted on the Quimsy homestead, ensuring there truly is nothing that goes to waste.

That's it! Thank you, once more, for helping make a difference, one small gesture at a time 💚

✨ Blended individually each time, so you always get a unique, one-of-a-kind palette ✨

Interested in blending your own with the myriad individual notes in any of these premade palettes? Just reach out to me on social media, fill out the Contact form, or find me at a pop-up market and ask me about it! I will be delighted to hear from you, and look forward to working with you to concoct a palette that is uniquely yours 💛


Rune Reader- Petrified oak, evergreen, ginger, fresh tobacco
Planting Roots- Petrichor, mistletoe, rosemary, sage
Healing- Deep woods, honeysuckle, lavender, sage
Self-Indulgence- Deep woods, lily of the valley, belladonna, ancient tomes
Peaceful Home- Petrified oak, pine, ginger, fresh-ground tobacco in an antique pipe
Safe Travels- Long-abandoned temples, frankincense & myrrh, old growth forests
Amanita- Orange cake glazed with maple nectar fermented in spiced barrels
Werewere Kokako- A bouquet of magnolia, lilac and wisteria
Shiitake- Rich, caramelised brown sugar with undertones of hazelnut & sandalwood
Inky Cap- Deep teak forests littered with petrified oak logs & whispers of cassis curling up into fresh leaves
ROSE QUARTZ - rose, freshly-pressed cottons, ginger, vanilla
AMETHYST - lavender, lily of the valley, sage, vanilla
BROWN JASPER - loamy incense, clove, dragon’s blood, buttered rum
OBSIDIAN - graveyard dirt, black cherry, nutmeg
Necromantic- Spiced wine, fire magic, leatherbound books
Antiva- Strawberry, rose, vanilla Earl Grey
Eluvian- Amber oak, mistletoe, deep woods
Qun- Leather, sandalwood, bourbon, nutmeg, charred wood
Prince Cardan- Red wine, pine, coffee
Jude- Lily of the valley, belladonna, nighttime musk
Locke- Patchouli, honey almond, baked apple
Nicasia - Coconut lime, mint, dragon’s blood
Madoc- Fresh graves, black cherry, magnolia
Kell- Spiced cake, rose, lavender, orange
Osaron- Charred wood, nag champa, amber musk
Alucard- Red wine, dark chocolate, nag champa, strawberry
Elvish Waybread- warm herb bread, rosemary, lilacs
Hearty Halfling Loaf- banana & blueberry nut bread, brown-sugared figs
Uruk-hai / Wild Hag's Rations- warm leather, sweet tobacco, spiced bourbon
Caleb- old books, cinnamon, buttered rum
Nott- red wine, bourbon, loamy incense, mistletoe
Yasha- nighttime musk, aged incense, cassis, sage, dragon’s blood
Mollymauk- ylang-ylang, sweet wine, nighttime musk, mint, loamy incense
Jester- lilac, golden amber, spiced cake, blueberry
Beau- teak and petrified oak, tobacco, ginger
Fjord- crisp black pepper, campfire smoke, coconut lime, tobacco
Caduceus- orchid, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, petrichor
Essek- loamy incense, frankincense & myrrh, petrichor, charred wood, hazelnut
Paladin- Vanilla, mint
Dark Knight- Tobacco, frankincense & myrrh, nag champa
Warrior- Spiced leather, berry wine
White Mage- Vanilla, lavender, eucalyptus
Scholar- Honeysuckle, honey almond, belladonna
Astrologian- Pine, spice cake, cinnamon
Summoner- Belladonna, honey almond, tobacco
Black Mage- Pine, caramel, eucalyptus
Red Mage- Chocolate, coffee, cinnamon
Bard- Rose, lavender, strawberry
Machinist- Cinnamon, frankincense & myrrh, barrel smoke
Ninja- Jasmine, apple blossom, sandalwood, amber
Samurai- Chocolate, mint, lavender
Monk- Vanilla, amber, orange
Dragoon- Dragon's blood
Meol- Angel food cake, with an underlying sweet musk
Mhachi Coffin- cherry wine, preserved incense, aged musk
Din- Coconut bourbon, almond, cinnamon
Farore- Honeysuckle, green tea, wisteria
Nayru- Juniper berry, lilac, vanilla
Krampusnacht- Sage, juniper berry, nag champa
Bountiful Feast- Buttered rum, salted caramel, baked apple
Wild Harvest- Brown-sugared figs, evergreen, cinnamon
Howl- frankincense & myrrh, nag champa, rose, amber
Sophie- honeysuckle, fresh linen, ginger, peach

Spiced Coffee- Black coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, salted caramel
Olympic Fog (formerly Winter in London)- Vanilla, chocolate, lavender, rose, mint
Catnip Tea- similar to the fresh, leafy scent of green tea, with a faint minty twist.
Apple Fritter - emphasis on apple notes, with hints of cinnamon and a smooth vanilla finish.
Peach Cobbler - the richest scent of them all. Warm, spiced vanilla with a prominent undertone of peaches.
Coconut Bourbon Cake - subtle notes of coconut combine with the slight tang of bourbon, wrapped up in a warm cakey blanket.
Strawberry Macaron - classic, unique scent of the soft almond flour used to make macarons, with the sweetness of candied strawberries and vanilla cream stuffing.